False Positive by Mike Walton

False Positive, an ongoing collection of short stories by Mike Walton, came recommended to me by a friend who described them as chilling vignettes of mystery and horror akin to the twilight-zone.  As it turns out, when it comes to horror and surprise twists, Walton pulls no punches as these brief scenes will thrill and terrify you, not only twisting the knife, but throwing it from a completely unseen angle as well.

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Fishbones by Jisuk Cho and Yuki S.

I have a special affinity in my heart for mob stories, and while this one might not be the most famous webcomic about gangsters on the net (yes yes Lackadaisy is coming, hold your horses), Fishbones recently grabbed my attention with its stylish art and endearing characters.

Fishbones, written by Jisuk Cho and drawn by Yuki S., is the story of Ferris Levinstein, a hapless and sarcastic high school student, and his wealthy and mysterious best friend Demos Giorgetti.  Close friends since childhood, Ferris and Demos attempt to weather the worst even as their lives become increasingly complicated and dangerous as they are both swept deeper into the intrigue surrounding the Giorgetti family business.

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Knights Errant by Jennifer Doyle

Hey everybody, thanks for all the reblogs and recommendations, I’m glad to see you all enjoying the reviews, I’ve got some great comics on the backburner and I’m excited to be sharing them with you in the coming weeks!

Now let’s get down to business with this saucy little number I finally got around to reading:

Knights Errant, by Jennifer Doyle, is a stunningly drawn, pleasantly silly, and stirringly emotional wartime epic focusing on a mysterious assassin-for-hire and the band of mercenaries he decides to follow into a bloody holy war between two fictional (but all too familiar) kingdoms.  It is also very very gay, making this comic a quadruple threat that everyone can enjoy!

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