An Announcement

So amazingly enough I somehow still managed to have followers on this blog, despite being inactive for over a year now.

Well I have some news!  I hesitated to post anything here on the chance that it would fall through, but I’m writing reviews for an online magazine now!  It pays me and everything!

The reviews are shorter (though I’m notoriously long-winded so that’s probably a good thing), but I’m really pleased to be working for a cool publication and I have the freedom now to also review non-webcomics now too!

The magazine is called The Absolute, their tumblr is here.  Check them out they rec some great stuff!

Thank you so much to all of you who followed me and liked my reviews, I hope you’ll continue to do so and support The Absolute too.  

I’ll leave this blog up for anyone who wants to read my old reviews (and for myself because I’m horrible and sentimental).  Thank you again and I hope you’ll continue to read my work!

Much love,



Science Fiction, Double Feature!

Hey guys, so as a thank you for 400 FOLLOWERS (WOOOOO) and to make up for last week’s absence, I’m updating this lovely October 1st with not one but


Both of which will be dealing with very different interpretations of the afterlife, one of them cute, quirky, and mysterious; the other, macabre, sinister, and dangerous.

First one should be up early, stay tuned and thanks for your support!


Thanks to everyone for your input!

I appreciate your guys suggestions and support!

Comic’s up a little late (a lot late, jeez I’m the worst) but I have taken your suggestions to heart!  The format doesn’t seem to allow for bolding or italicizing the headers of sections (way to go Tumblr) so instead I’ve listed them under bullet points.

Hope it helps, and thanks again for reading!


No review this week as I am out of town with dubious internet :)

Have a happy 4th of July to all my USAmerican readers <3


Heads Up Guys!

Just a quick announcement!  I am going to be at MoCCA Fest (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival) for most of today among other engagements, so the review might be coming out pretty late tonight, or possibly tomorrow morning!

Thanks for your patience and support, it means the world to me!


Hey guys, I’m really sorry to be doing this again, but some stuff has come up and I have to put this week’s review on hold :(

Hopefully it will be up by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.

I’m super sorry guys, I promise to get back to a normal schedule soon!



So basically I couldn’t get a review up last week because I was in the magical land of Florida drinking Butterbeer and snogging wizards at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and my phone was being a butt and I couldn’t get the review finished.

But since it was my birthday recently I am excusing myself for this week’s lack of review (though I do apologize!) but have no fear, there’ll be a new one this coming Sunday!

Thanks for being patient and putting up with me guys!


Holy crap in a hat!

I get home from work and find a bajillion notes, hooray!

Thank you all so much for reading and reblogging and liking my reviews, I’m so glad you enjoy them!

A special thank you also to all the webcomic creators who have liked or reblogged my reviews of their work, it means the world to me!

So a big, huge THANK YOU, to everyone!!!  It is because of all of you this blog has hit over 100 Followers!  I hope you all continue to read and enjoy my reviews in the weeks to come!


Heads Up

Review’s gonna be a bit late again today, sorry guys :(

Since I didn’t get any requests this week, I’m gonna go ahead with my original plan and will be reviewing Gunnerkrigg Court!  Stay tuned and thanks again for reading!

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