And here we go! Benign Kingdom Fall 2012! We are go!

Emmy C. 

Anthony Clark

Danielle Corsetto

Aaron Diaz


it was fun doing the video editing for the kickstarter video. I THINK THIS ROUND WILL BE SUPER AMAZING

Please support our kickstarter! We’ve got some top talent here, guys, and I am dying to give you more of my art! Help me, won’t you??

Hey guys, since I just reviewed Mr. Diaz’s comic, I figured it’d be appropriate to spread the word about this awesome kickstarter!  The last Benign Kingdom featured work by Yuko Ota, Evan Dahm, KC Green, and Becky Dreistadt, and this new one is full over gorgeous art by even more fantastic comics creators!

I’ll definitely be donating, and you should too!


Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz

Time for a late night update of everyone’s favorite blog! (Or at least it’s my favorite because it’s mine, ha HA!)

I’ve decided to focus this week on one of my favorite comics about weird science! (Yes there’s more than one, can you believe it!!!)

Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz is, without a doubt, one of the smartest comics on the internet.  Crammed full of trans-humanism, quantum physics, and post-modern critique, Dresden Codak is the kind of comic that is best read with either an encyclopedia or a wiki page open for reference.  But don’t let this scare you!  If anything, not only will reading Diaz’s masterpiece enlighten you, it will also entertain and dazzle with its charming wit, brilliant creativity, and stunning artwork.

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