The Gay Nerd Comic by Thomas Gonyea

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who are sending in recommendations and suggestions!  If I haven’t gotten back to you its because I’m mainlining LOADS of new comics but have no fear, I’ll try to review all of your requests in the coming months, along with some of my old favorites!

This week’s comic was sent in to me about a month ago and I’m so pleased to be sharing it now with all of you!

The Gay Nerd Comic is the home of the auto-biographical, 8-bit adventures of Thomas Gonyea, a charming young artist who, if his comic is any indication, tries to balance work, love, family, friends, and pop culture while living his life to the pixelated fullest.  This comic is a fun and silly romp told through excellent use of pixel art, a nostalgic and, in my opinion, under appreciated style.

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