Alphabet Horror Vacui by Nathan O. Marsh

First of all let me apologize for the impromptu hiatus, we had some computer issues over here on my end, namely that my computer more or less died, and the review was put on hold until I could order a new one and find a suitable replacement in the interim.  Hopefully this will be the last of my computer problems for the forseeable future, and I thank all of you for your patience and continued interest in the blog.

I wanted to review something a little different this week, and I was lucky enough to be introduced to this fascinating comic at MoCCA, one I hope you will all enjoy!

Alphabet Horror Vacui (A Blasphemous Comic) is a unique artistic endeavor by artist Nathan O. Marsh; a combination of grim, elegant, and fanciful illustrations accompanied by brief alliterative narrations make for a charming satire on traditional children’s books, and reinvents the standard concept of webcomics with a strikingly original flair and macabre sense of humor.

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