Curvy by M. Magdalene

It seems to me that no NSFW month would be complete without mention of this comic, which is at the pinnacle of sexy comedy:

When you think of fun, silly smut, the first name that comes to mind is Curvy by M. Magdalene (which is, correct me if I’m wrong, a Nome-de-plume for webcomic creator Sylvan Migdal).  Irreverent, sexy, and imaginative, Curvy is like the Super Mario of porn webcomics; you’re never entirely sure what’s going on, but its fast-paced, bouncy, colorful, and fun as all hell.

Genre: Comedy/Porn/Romance

Plot:  Curvy follows the adventures of New York native and baseball enthusiast Anais Phalese and her candy coated paramour Fauna Lokjom, (princess of Candy World) as they traverse the multiverse, meeting strange characters, fleeing various governments, and macking on everyone they meet.

Curvy’s plot is a surprisingly inventive one, though you can enjoy the comic without paying attention to the plot given how prominent and visually excellent the sexual aspects are.  But the author manages to insert a surprising amount of story and world building in between make-out sessions.  Fauna is the heir to Candy World, where literally everyone and nearly everything is made of sugar.  She is on the run from her impending marriage to the king of Smart World, who is decidedly an idiot, and in the process becomes bonded to Anais both physically and emotionally.  Fauna is a “liar”, a multiverse term for a magic user, and derives her powers from, you guessed it, sex.  Anais, who is already a fairly sexually adventurous teen, is swept off her feet after Fauna tumbles into our world (Boring World) and is subsequently pursued not only by Candy World authorities, but by the FBI as well.  Also featuring in the comic are an inept FBI agent, Fauna’s devious magic teacher Mallory, a crew of penis themed pirates, a transgendered mermaid, a peppermint maid and many many more.

Warnings:  Curvy is EXTREMELY not safe for work, nearly every page contains nudity or graphic sex, which isn’t bad at all, but if you’re hanging out in the office or at Starbucks you may want to wait to read Curvy til you get home.  There is some minor, mostly cartoon violence and blood, the most graphic of which features a brief “head transplant” surgery.  The comic itself is beautifully inoffensive, and in fact offers an excellent degree of equal representation of gender sexual minorities while also subtly calling out comics culture and the representation of women therein.

Art:  Magdalene’s art is in fact perfectly described by the title of this comic.  the whole thing is curvy.  The characters are all slightly cartoonish and shapely, varying in size and body types and always clothed provocatively if at all (poor Anais finds herself naked in public more than once, and Fauna seems to view clothes as an annoyance).  

The comic makes use of fun designs and abstractions, especially whenever characters use magic, which adds to the overall fantastical vibe of the contents.

Magdalene makes great use of the various “worlds” ranging in design from candy kingdoms to wide open horizons, tall urban buildings to the depths of the ocean.  The artist has an excellent grasp of environment and works it into the narrative excellently, using clusters of panels and overlaps that, while frenetic, never feel too cluttered and instead contribute to the comedic timing of the dialogue.

The comic is entirely in black and white, without screentones but maintaining excellent use of shadow and negative space.  While the style is very cartoony and simplistic, the artist is no stranger to proportion or perspective.  In fact, these qualities are utilized best in the sex scenes, which are never short on details.  The sex is shown very graphically (that is you see everything) and usually creative to say the least.  Magdalene takes time to show different perspectives and moments within the sex scenes, so that they are both interesting and investing, and never stale.  The whole thing plays out much like a porno except ten times more entertaining, everyone’s consenting and excited about it, so all that’s left to do is put on a good show for the reader and enjoy themselves.

Overall the art suits the mood of the comic, never taking itself too seriously, but always taking the time to make you want to keep reading.  The artist is sensitive to the readers, and as such throws in about every couple, combination, and kink imaginable.  Now that’s service!

Final Recommendation:  Curvy is one of those comics I love to read and reread.  You may breeze through it for a quick, sexy jaunt if you want, but I recommend taking your time and fully experiencing not only the nuances of the storytelling, but also the hilarious jokes and gags that Magdalene throws into his pages.  Curvy is also fantastic as an example of progressive comics writing.  As I mentioned earlier, the creator features not only same-sex couples, but also transitioning characters and others who are gender-neutral, but always includes them naturally and organically.  While the point Magdalene makes is always straightforward, and these characters do struggle with being accepted they do not question their identities or their validity of identifying as such, and they are certainly never vilified by Anais or Fauna or by the narrative itself.

All social justice aside (just kidding, I never put it aside), Curvy is straight-up FUN.  If they released a sexy video game based on Curvy tomorrow I would buy it yesterday, that is how much I enjoy reading it.  Anais is witty and self-confident, Fauna saucy and mysterious, and their whirlwind affair is one for the history books if only because it is so original.  If you’re looking for a fun read about girls kissing and doing the sex all over the place, I highly recommend Curvy.  If you’re looking for a sensual romp featuring a wide range of characters and sexual/gender combinations, I recommend Curvy.  If you’re looking for something safe for work that you can show your boss I say DON’T read Curvy at work but GO HOME AND READ IT THERE.

Curvy is currently five chapters long and updates every Saturday.

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